Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Late Night Design Session

I had a couple of arrangements that needed to be delivered first thing on Thursday. I procrastinated getting my components picked up, then the weather got icy, so I ended up getting these things done in the 11th's a good thing I work well under pressure!

The kids were to return to school after the holiday break yesterday (Tuesday), but we had ice and school was cancelled. My daughter's basketball game that was scheduled last night was re-scheduled for tonight. So after I left the office, I went and got all the components and then went straight to the game. It was after 10:30 when we got home, so whipped together these pieces. The first one has hydrangeas, artichokes and ferns...I almost hate to part with it!

The English Garden Urn smells sooooo good! It has hyacinths and roses as well as several other blooming and green plants. After I picked up the flowers, I was afraid to leave them in the car for fear of them freezing during the game, so I decided to just take them into the game with me! The hyacinths smelled so good in the gym....I think I looked pretty silly taking them inside, but I figure everybody thinks I'm half crazy anyway so I'm just giving them more reason to think so! Hey, you do what you gotta do!

I'm going to add some curly willow to this in the morning...I need to cut it off my tree, but it's clear in the back yard and it's late and dark and cold....I'll just wait and get some in the morning....unfortunately, it''ll be early (and dark and cold)!

Well, it's almost midnight so think I'll sign off and go to bed.
Until next time...


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Sue said...

I do LOVE the first one! Looks so elegant. I would have hated to part with it, too! And I can almost smell the second one...hyacinths are my favorites. Wish we could have seen it with the curly willow.

Have a great day!