Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kid Art~Masterpieces of the Home

Sometimes the kids bring home pictures from school that just speak to me....I thought I'd share a few of my favorites that I've kept and had framed.

This first one was made last year by my oldest daughter, Sarah, for Mother's Day. Sarah is my kid with special needs. She is 23. She is mildly autistic and is moderately mentally handicapped. In short, it's like having an 8-year old with 23-year old hormones! She is in love with the Jonas brothers and Hannah Montana. She loves boys and is not afraid to tell them so. (I must admit, she has very good taste in boys). Our community is very small and very close knit. One business person in town told her she was famous because everyone knows her. (I don't know if that's good or bad :) )....No, I know--it's good. She is much beloved by most people and everyone always humors her. People are constantly asking her who her "boyfriend"'s always changing, but she knows that he's the one she's going to marry! The boy generally changes weekly. We take her with us everywhere we go. She usually takes along a bag of "stuff to keep her busy". One thing she does out of the goodness of her heart is color pictures for everyone. Sometimes she approaches complete strangers (at ball games) and says that she's colored a picture for them. She tells them it's for their "frigerator". It always brings a smile. She has her moments....but don't we all? Overall, she is just a very sweet and thoughtful person. Who could ask for more?

My son, who is now 18 and a senior, made this picture when he was in 4th or 5th grade. I just fell in love with it (even though cats are probably my least favorite animal). One of the things that endeared it to me is, if you look closely, the cat is holding a football.....his favorite sport! We decided to frame this one and he entered it in the 4-H fair that summer...he received a state fair entry. The Judge at the State Fair didn't like the fact that the drawing has silver accents and we chose to put it in a gold frame.....the gold went better in my house, and I didn't care about the silver, it was made by my son! Sometimes you have to overlook things like that!

My youngest daughter drew this fabulous snow-girl when she was in 1st grade. She brought it home somewhat crumpled up from school, but we pressed it and there was just something about it that spoke to me....naturally, I had to have it framed, as well. Even though it is definitely a winter drawing, I leave it up year-round!

I've saved my favorite for last....This tulip was made by my youngest daughter when she was in 4th grade (I think). She absolutely did not like it at all....she thinks it looks like a birthday cake. I can see why she thinks that, but I immediately saw it was a tulip...she was shocked that I actually knew what it was supposed to be! Being the flower-lover that I am, of course I knew what it was! This painting still remains her least favorite, but my very never know what masterpieces they may bring home! This was also a painting that I encouraged her to enter in the 4-H fair (against her desire), and it received division champion and state fair entry.

Of course, all the kid art in my house is state fair quality in my eyes! They're all masterpieces. ...even the coloring book pages that end up on the fridge. Lots of people have Sarah Art on their fridges and if she gives you one, and then we visit, it better be hanging up or she'll ask about it!

Cherish all the masterpieces from your budding artists....they are truly priceless and some of the many things that make a house a home.

Talk to you soon,


imjacobsmom said...

Your kids art is just precious! I framed pictures that my son has drawn, too. I think that they are sweet. I have them in my bedroom where I see them everyday! That picture of you son's cat is really cute - I'm digging that cheshire grin....Robyn

Allgrins said...

I love how you have framed your kids work. I think I will dig some of my kids art work out and do the same.

The Muse said...

By all accounts LOVELY :)

Allgrins said...

Hey how do you like all htis snow? I am in Indiana too. i cant believe we woke up to more!!!